The Core

It is easy to get sucked into trying define yourself as a person needing/wanting to be seen on the internet–summing yourself up in photos and slogans, pushing yourself forward with hashtags and links, and, and, and…

It’s death. Seriously. For your soul. Soul death.

I unplugged for 6 months. I took time to consider my core(s), to wonder if I could/should re-engage, and if I did, what would that look like?

I always knew Jesus was central to my life. The Core.

And because Jesus teaches me to love, with Him comes a love for my family. A layer. And friends. Another layer. And people who don’t yet know Jesus. A very pressing layer.

I find I’m very concerned about discipleship. Not that I’m looking to disciple anyone through the internet. Ha, ha! No. You need to know somebody, be present with somebody, live life with somebody in order to be discipled by them. Rather, I realize I’m still concerned with discipling me. I need to be dwelling on the Bible, processing my thoughts, spending time with Jesus. If this website doesn’t help me do that… I’ll be gone again soon. Unplugged. See ya.

In fact, let me make it clear: This isn’t about hits, likes, comments, ratings, pushing an agenda, getting discovered. Don’t care who you are, this ain’t about you. It’s about Jesus. It’s about inspiring love for Jesus in myself, in my kids…

If you get inspired, great. I’m working on my core. Because when He comes, I want to be looking forward to Jesus.



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