God’s Call, Strive to Enter, The Impossible Claim, Faith in Jesus

In less than 1 hour, here are 4 Bible-based videos relating: God's Call for humanity to return to Him; some of Jesus' teaching on judgment; 15 prophecies (written hundreds/thousands of years before) about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection and how they were fulfilled; and Jesus is God's Son and God's free gift to us.

The Shape of My Heart

A few weeks back I started putting together some medleys of songs that I either heard as a child or played during youth group. These songs I must have learned during chapel in elementary school. I think the theology of the lyrics helped to shape my heart.

Is that Jesus?

My son saw me loading this sketch and asked, "Is that Jesus?" A Jack and Lars Update I haven't seen Jack since some time in October. I was in Tim Horton's, frustrated that I needed to get a job and couldn't just make it happen, angry that any job would take away time from me …

God Is Not Superman: Street Preaching (notebook)

God is not Superman! Superman, although fast, cannot be everywhere at once.  God is everywhere, all the time.  Superman, though strong, has weaknesses.  God is all powerful and therefore has no weakness.  Superman loves one human more than all the others.  God is no respecter of persons.  He loves us all equally.  The Bible says …

We Need a Book that Doesn’t Teach Christians to Fear Muslims!

Pentecostal Dave Delgado discusses his missionary story and street preaching with Mennonite Church Leaders Betty and Marg Betty: First let me say thank you for sharing your story with us. Marg: Yes, thank you. I’m still amazed that you took your children to such a hostile country. Dave: Well… when God says, “Go,” you don’t …