Jesus Drove a Hotrod

Jesus Drove a Hotrod

Red Letter Promises: Scriptures to Pray for Family, John 14:27

Before Jesus left the earth, He said,

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful…”

Let’s break it down.

Peace I leave with you

Jesus didn’t say, ‘I’ll ask the Father and He’ll send peace.’ Nope. Jesus was present and His peace was present. Not, ‘I’ll go get it and bring it back. Give me a second.’ No. It’s more like Jesus reached into His jeans pocket, pulled out the keys to His car, dropped them on the table and said, ‘Here. I’m leaving these with you guys.’

My peace I give to you

Stop for a second. Whose peace?

My peace. This is a different kind of peace then our peace. This is Jesus’ peace.

Say, Jesus, I’ve got an idea on what peace looks like. Maybe it’s–

‘No, let me interrupt you here, Phillip. My peace gets defined by Me.’

Not as the world gives do I give to you

I don’t know what You mean, Jesus. Are You saying the world expects something in return? The world’s gifts don’t last?

I’m betting You’re expecting us to think Your gift is better…

Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful…

I think I get this part. …Maybe.

It could simply be a transitional sentence and I need to keep reading.

It could be You’re starting to unpack a basis for me to understand Your peace… and I need to keep reading.

But it clearly says one thing: I decide whether or not my heart is troubled or fearful. You may have left Your keys for me on the table, You may be waiting to get in the passenger seat and coach me through driving around in Your peace–but I chose whether or not I’m afraid, fearful, or troubled.


Jesus, be with us. Be with our families. Help us with our own hearts. We so quickly brew up fearfulness, anger, malice–all things that would work against Your peace, and all things that feed division and disunity. We do it, but we don’t want any of that. We want You. We want You to step into our kitchens, our garages, our living rooms and bedrooms, and to dangle the keys to Your hotrod in front of our noses. Give us Your peace. Buckle us in. We don’t want the world’s anything! Teach us to live, walk, and race around in Your peace. Thank You that Your peace is different, that it belongs to You–that we belong to You. Let us be at rest that what You give us, You intend for us to keep. It is for our good that we receive Your peace. Now, please define it. Show it to us. Model it for us. Let us sense You with us. We receive and declare Your peace in our families and our homes because You made Your disciples a promise! And You keep Your promises so we accept! “Peace be to our homes.”


Lord teach us to pray d.g.h.delgado

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