IMG_3343 - Version 6 – Version 7
Dave, NYC: “God is not Superman!”
IMG_3354 - Version 3
Aaron, NYC: “…Jesus Christ paid for it, voluntarily and out of love!”
IMG_3352 - Version 2
Paul, Washington Monument: “Who will pay your debt for all of eternity?”
Version 2
Pastor Al, NYC: “When I stand before God, I have only one chance: Jesus Christ–because he paid the price for my sins!”
Version 2
Union Square, Hector: “What is the focus of your heart?”
IMG_3359 - Version 2 – Version 4

the Delgado family: on our way to Zalaam

Wait, Walk, Run, and Do Not Fear

IMG_3374 - Version 3 – Version 4
Zalaam: our house gate
Version 2
Zalaam: our balcony