Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz


  • Tony & Erin, Bella, Lucas, Joshua, Olivia
  • Earl & Rhonda, Owen, Phoenix, Hayden

La Hermosa Church

  • Pastors Daniel & Aleida
  • Youth Pastor Carlos (Jonathan and the other teens)
  • Film guy: Hector
  • Musician: Victor, wife and young daughter
  • Chefs: Isabel, Nora (and her son Rojelio)

CDL Staff

  • Ismael & Fabby, Becky, Liz, plus many more
  • Kids: Jose Luis, Karol, Uziel, Adan, Fanny, Suzed, Camila


  • Descanso: Micayla, Sol: small group leader
  • Brick Valley: Martina
  • Around town: Gloria the evangelist (Grandma & Clan; Nita & Elisabed)

Team Members

  • The families that were already saved and/or experienced God in a new way (Christi and Mark and their boys; Jeremy and Steph and their boys; Ed and his wife and kids; Scott and Sarah and their daughters; Matt; Halle)
  • The families that were not yet saved, and their need to experience God (Jon and Sue; Theresa and Noah and Elijah)
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