When Jesus broke the bread

We do communion because Jesus said so, and it’s meaningful even though we don’t know everything it represents. But what if we understood more?

What bread did Jesus break? What did it mean?

I heard something as a kid about how kids participate in the Jewish Passover and it changed things for me, deepened them somehow.

This clip talks about the bread Jesus broke and what kids do with it. For me, it put a whole new spin on the phrase “become like little children.”

I start the clip later in. You can find the whole thing on YouTube. To look specifically at the bread Jesus broke and the cup we most often mention (there are four, we focus on the third) watch from 10:00 minutes in until about 16:00.

The children (the youngest member present) are to seek out the bread that was broken, wrapped in a cloth and hidden. When I think of that, and then how John (the youngest disciple) runs to the tomb, enters, and sees the linen cloth Jesus had been wrapped in and believes… I think we need to become like little children to enter the kingdom.

Thanks to my dad for helping me find this video in particular.

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