2 Verses to Peace with God

I used to not like Paul’s letters. Then I started to put his super long sentences into pictures like these, and to break his lines as though they were poetry. Not only did it become easier to memorize, but now I can meditate on a few words at a time. “…and raised to life…”

  • “since we have come to be considered…” A change has happened. Someone now thinks a certain way about us, regards us as having a specific quality.
  • “righteous by God” The someone is God–the highest authority on everything. Our quality is “righteous.”
  • “because of our trust” How did this happen? How did we become righteous? We trusted God’s words about what has been done.
  • “let us continue to have” We can proceed forward in what has already been obtained. We get to continue in our status.
  • “shalom with God” What has been obtained? Wholeness. Wellness. Peace beyond measure with God. Not with just anyone. With God.
  • “through our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah.” Not through ourselves. We were offensive in the first place. But through someone who rules over us, someone whose name itself means “He saves”. Someone who has a powerful title — one given and established by God, and prophesied about in the Scriptures.

I found these two verses right next door to each other this morning–two verses that are so good at establishing the story and the reason for why we can live at peace with God.

And now… I just keep looking at the pictures, thinking about these truths line by line.


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