In Christ, I am God’s friend

Jesus says, “I’m changing your status with God. It’s not service without knowledge anymore, without seeing the big picture or understanding the details. Now you’re in Our confidence. You are Our friends.”

Does God say this about the cherubim? Angels? Archangels? No.

We are humble creatures. We have could not have named God our friend. But He has named us. And He wants to tell us what He’s doing and why. He wants us to know and anticipate what He has planned for today.

Not that we get to experience it as news only, but that we get to serve Him in whatever it is and to hear His thoughts and purposes behind the scenes as well.

We are invited not only into the work of God itself, but into His perspective on it.

It’s like when a friend tells you about how their day went, he or she is sharing the experience with you because you’re special and important to them.

Except with God it’s in reverse. We’re special and important to Him so He tells us how His day is going to go so we can live it with Him.

And our friendship with God is not on shaky ground. It is rooted in Christ, built on the work and words of Christ. “I have called you friends.”

And just as true as the Bible is about what it says about Jesus, it is just as true for us. It is no less true. The Father called Jesus His Son. True. Jesus called His disciples His friends. True.

Let’s go live the day with our Friend.

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