COVID-19: Tuppence A Bag

I don’t always wake up with a song in my head, but today I did and it was, “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag.” And so I got out of bed, got dressed, and went to find Lars and leave some granola bars for him.

Before I got out the door, my youngest daughter met me in the hall. “Where are you going? I wanted to feed the birds this morning.”

“I’m going to leave Lars some granola bars.”

“Can I come?”

“No, kiddo.” I almost said, Lars is skittish, like birds. Instead I told her to get dressed and we’d use her birdseed in the backyard before I left.

The ground was wet and we don’t have a bird feeder yet, so she spread the seeds on a cookie sheet. We hid behind a corner and waited. No birds came.

I drove off, found Lars sleeping on the sidewalk, and left some granola bars at his feet. As I drove home, the song was still playing in my head.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

My daughter and I then proceeded to make pine cone bird feeders. We tied dental floss to the tops of small cones, dipped popsicle sticks into peanut butter and then rolled the sticks in bird seed. Using the sticks, we smeared the peanut butter bird seed combination onto and into the pine cones. Then we picked a tree and hung them up.


No birds came today.

Feed the Birds

Many people are without food right now.

Some of the students at the school I was working at were children who need the food program for two of their daily meals.

The shelters in town have lost their regular donations from the supermarkets.

Our friends in Mexico who are working with single moms say that the moms are desperate now, what with their jobs cut. In their region, no work means no food.

Surely, if we have a chance somehow to help, can’t we help?

Compared to what we normally eat, helping someone else is only… tuppence a bag.



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