COVID-19: Week 2: What do you mean, Why?

Together Time

For a few days in a row this last week I hung out with our kids’ aunts and cousins. I was greatly impressed by the strength and endurance of both aunts during the difficult situations they are currently facing and/or have been facing for the last few years. They’d both say, “It’s Jesus who gives me strength,” and… well, they’d both be right.

Although we totalled 8 kids all together, the kids were not a difficulty. Every day our kids would practice the long-forgotten art of ‘bounce on the trampoline forever, run inside, eat lunch, run back outside to bounce on the trampoline for the second half of forever.’

And nobody puked.

We also played ping-pong, and Blockus (I like that game), and I got to read kids books to my youngest nephew and niece. When we were tired of all that, we watched episodes of Shaun the Sheep. All good stuff to do.

Alone Time

I read a 500 page book!

Five HUNDRED pages? Dave, are you insane? You’re such a slow reader!

I know, right?

This particular 500 page whopper is called The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart, who also wrote the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy. Both are good reads, and all four books inspire kids (drum roll, please) to have and maintain good character! Check ’em out!

Somehow. Sometime. Eventually…

Friday and Saturday I spent nearly 8 hours alone in our windowless, cramped hall bathroom–and I loved it! Whoohoo! Touch-up painting projects, here I come.

I’m also up to 250 sit-ups, 120 push-ups, and no cheese!

Not because of will power. We’ve simply run out of cheese.

Don’t order me any from Amazon, though. I’ve still got butter…

On Sunday I mixed three song recordings I’d done with some video footage I’d shot while hiking around.

Say, have you tried trail-running shoes? They’re fantastic! I bought some ’cause they were on a-third-of-the-price sale, laced them up and… ran? In the woods? Uphill?

Was that Dave?

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 5.29.42 PM

Claustrophobic Time

The kids keep pestering me about everything that one could ever possibly plan for two or three days in advance of actually having to make a plan.

I keep saying, “One day at a time,” ‘cuz, ya know, Jesus said something like that. Like that. “Do not worry about tomorrow… Each day has enough worry of its own…” That’s a loose Jesus quote.

But the kids don’t want one day at a time. They want to know.

I try to give them a basic life schedule to get started each day: “Wake up. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair.”

But they hate that too. They don’t want to get ready to… live… in… the… house.

So it’s, “Dad, why bother getting ready? Ready for what?”

And we’re back to the classic, “Because I said so!”


Last week a friend from church gave me the most brilliant Dad answer. Let’s try it again.

The kids say, “Daaaaad, why do we have to get ready?”

Dad says, “What do you mean, ‘Why?'”

And the kids reply, “… … …”

Try it. You’ll like it. Use it on your own kids, use it on strangers. “What do you mean, ‘Why?'”

Be at peace,


Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 5.30.25 PM
At Amazon



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