COVID-19 Spring Break, Day 1

My wife has been named point person on the health authority’s COVID-19 response team for our city, and her office-mate is point person for the two communities to our east. Please pray. As I understand it, they’ll be working with and advising the municipal authorities for the duration of this… situation. They’ll both need wisdom, yes, and healthy immune systems. Am I concerned? Not in a panicky way, no, but my wife was already near-exhausted before this change in her assignment. I do want her to get her rest.

That was the news at dinner time.

Before that, after lunch, the girls and I went with the cousins and my wife’s sister down to the river to play. It’s only been a weekend, but the kids are stir-crazy already. What with rumors of school cancelled indefinitely and all the kids’ sports activities suspended, no one can sit still. My son flopped down on the mini couch in his room to play video games. Lasted 40 minutes. Gotta get out. Hopefully, he’ll have some work soon, either at the farm or pharmacy.

After the river, we hit the library and grabbed books and videos for the last time for a good, long while. Now the library’s closed. The local pool is next, I think.

Went to SportCheck, returned a pair of shoes I’d ordered online but didn’t fit and bought my oldest daughter a rugby ball so she can practice in the yard. Maybe we’ll make it to the park.

Kinda wishing I could find a used cello I could learn to play. Most of the time at church I don’t sing along anymore. Not the melody, anyway, or even the words necessarily. I keep wanting to hear string-led bass lines underneath the acoustic guitar, so I sing the lines I’m composing in my head. Our church is so small I’m sure people can hear me, but nobody seems bothered. I wonder if we’ll get to keep meeting.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 5.06.47 AM
Down To The River To Play

One Reply to “COVID-19 Spring Break, Day 1”

  1. Will be praying for your wife, as well as for you and kids as you navigate Spring Break, and as she navigates this new role. May the love of Jesus go with all of you wherever you are. May Wisdom prevail in all conversations, at home and at work. Blessings on you all.


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