Broke Down

You know when you go grocery shopping and you get that cart with the bad wheel in the front? The one that sticks, or lumps along, or pulls your cart to one side? Sucks, right?

Imagine pushing that cart down the road as you leave town with everything you could find while scrounging through dumpsters. You hide the contents under a tarp–a tarp you’ll have to sleep under if it rains–and trudge out toward the nearest set of woods where you might be able to set up camp. There are others like you, others the town is screaming at each other in the newspaper not to see anymore. But being with the “others” is not something you can do anymore because you’re a woman and you’re realizing you’ll never be safe until you’re alone.

And then that front wheel breaks.

nightfall outside of town d.g.h.delgado

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