Sometimes Life Stops You So You Can Live

Sometimes life stops you from doing simple things, like waking up at 4 a.m. so you can write. Not that waking up at 4 a.m. is simple anymore. I have to keep changing the sound my alarm plays so that I don’t go through the hypnotic routine of sleepwalking across the room to shut off the familiar chimes. Right now, I’m trying out ‘Dog Bark’ which should wake me up because we still don’t have a dog. But then again, maybe tomorrow I’ll dream about a dog and my thumb will slide across the barking screen in a petting motion and we’ll both go back to sleep.

Either way, life has been stopping me from doing this simple thing to do even more simple things, like making this birthday cake my daughter asked for.

Version 2
My son and I worked on this together. Doesn’t it say “Made by boys”? We decorated it in the garage and at one point we used a saw to spread the icing. We know it’s ugly. But it’s what she wanted.

…or crossing the border with all the kids to pick up a pair of shoes for my wife and eat ice cream cones.

…or taking the birthday girl out for lunch.

…or having God conversations with my son while swimming laps at the center.

…or painting the outside doors to our house and garage.

painting foot
Yes, I paint barefoot on purpose. And yes, I need lotion on my feet.

…or planning a scavenger hunt with my oldest daughter so my middle daughter can have a party with water guns and a balloon fight and capture the flag and a decorated car to ride in as the teams crack codes and travel to various school playgrounds.

…or, like today, when my story was just about done but still needed a few hours work, life had me sit down and color with my youngest. Just color. And share colored pencils. And take turns working on the same picture.

full coloring picture
Me: “I want to do this again tomorrow. Please?”

Simple stuff.

Good stuff.

Dad stuff.

Thanks, Life.
Keep it coming.

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