When the Sun Goes Dark in the Supermarket

T-Shirt Conversation #2

I try to listen. Sometimes. Even for the simple things like, I made this shirt. When do I wear it?

Today I walk into the grocery store wearing this U Turn, U Live shirt. I have a conversation with a lady, but it has nothing to do with the shirt. She comments about all the screaming babies in the store and how she used to be critical about how parents were managing their kids.

“At least we’re not on an airplane,” I say. “That’s the worst. Been the parent for that one.”

“Then I realized,” she drops bread into her cart, “it’s not the parent’s fault. Some kids are just criers.”

I grab some bagels and move to the check out line.

The cashier is asking me the standard set of questions. “Do you need any bags? Would you like me to check your point total? Are you paying with your card today?” She’s in her sixties, I would guess. Blonde-gray hair, no ring on her finger, small eyes, no glasses.

I start to pay.

And I hear her reading my shirt out-loud to herself. “Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.'” And suddenly she’s bouncing up and down. “Oh, I hope so! I really hope so!”

I smile.

Now she’s chatting away a mile a minute, heedless of the customer behind me, not giving two cents for the co-worker standing right there. “Oh, I hope it’s soon! Have you heard of the total eclipse that’s going to make it’s way across the United States on August 21st?”


“You should check it out! I think God’s trying to get the States’ attention! And do you know what’s happening on the 23rd of September? Do you follow the Jewish feasts?”

“Is that Rosh Hashanah?”

“You need to look it up! Check it out!”

I leave the store, praying. God, I don’t know when You’re coming back. If it’s really soon, show us how to live out these last days. Show us how to live anyway.

And I’m pinched inside.

I do like it here. And I’m excited to see my kids growing up and to hear their plans for the future.

But I’m also not ready to go because I know there’s stuff I should be doing…

But that cashier, like a crying baby just being itself, made herself heard.

She’s excited for Jesus to return. She’s looking forward to it!

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