Tho the Darkness, Enter In

Anymore, it's a habit. When the words to the worship songs appear on the Sunday morning screen, I don't sing them. I used to. But anymore, it's really rare if I do. I suppose I used to sing when I was a kid sitting with my parents. I used to have a little plaid, pastel …

Jesus as Poetry

We've heard it, read it, know it. But when I put Jesus' words into poetic form, His artistry makes the words feel alive to me. I just keep looking at it. All the parallels jump out at me. The word "abides" sits in the center, surrounded by Jesus and us. I could go on, but …

The Right

Here's a thought: as true as the Bible is in what it says about Jesus, it is just as true in what it says about us. It is no less true for us. The Bible simply tells the truth. Jesus is God's Son. In believing--not just acknowledging as fact, but believing--we are given a right. …

The End of the World as She Knows It

My youngest daughter says today in the car, “I hope the world ends before I die.” Curious, I ask her, “What do you think that would look like?” She answers, “God comes down and says, ‘Alright. That’s it. Everybody get on the bus...’”

The Shape of My Heart

A few weeks back I started putting together some medleys of songs that I either heard as a child or played during youth group. These songs I must have learned during chapel in elementary school. I think the theology of the lyrics helped to shape my heart.

COVID-19: Tuppence A Bag

I don't always wake up with a song in my head, but today I did and it was, "Feed the birds, tuppence a bag." And so I got out of bed, got dressed, and went to find Lars and leave some granola bars for him.

COVID-19, Spring Break Day 3

I'm thinking I'll set some sit-up goals. Push-ups too. And maybe I'll grow my beard. That's something to do. ... "It's so obvious Christ is coming back soon," he said. "The wars, the famines, the pestilence, the unrest, the earthquakes... all happening like Jesus said."

COVID-19, Spring Break Day 2

I wore one of these masks in my own home today... It's hard, trying to just do the simple stuff while answering all the questions that no one has any real answers for yet... I keep telling the kids, "Live in the day. Tomorrow has enough worry of its own."... I'm thankful she still has a job to go to, but I am concerned she doesn't get burnt out.

COVID-19 Spring Break, Day 1

My wife has been named point person on the health authority's COVID-19 response team for our city, and her office-mate is point person for the two communities to our east. Please pray. As I understand it, they'll be working with and advising the municipal authorities for the duration of this... situation. They'll both need wisdom, yes, and healthy immune systems. Am I concerned? Not in a panicky way, no, but my wife was already near-exhausted before this change in her assignment. I do want her to get her rest.

Broke Down

You know when you go grocery shopping and you get that cart with the bad wheel in the front? The one that sticks, or lumps along, or pulls your cart to one side? Sucks, right? Imagine pushing that cart down the road as you leave town with everything you could find while scrounging through dumpsters. …

Is that Jesus?

My son saw me loading this sketch and asked, "Is that Jesus?" A Jack and Lars Update I haven't seen Jack since some time in October. I was in Tim Horton's, frustrated that I needed to get a job and couldn't just make it happen, angry that any job would take away time from me …